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William Fowler

Producer / Unit Production Manager


I’ve recently come to the conclusion that all of my actions

are driven by one thing and one thing alone; curiosity.


I’m Will, a Producer / UPM / Entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cinema & Photography Production from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. In 2020 I graduated with a Master of Business Administration in Entertainment & Media Management from the Ithaca College School of Business.

From 2018 to 2021 I held the position of Producer / Unit Production Manager at Absurd Hero Productions, a boutique production company in Studio City, CA. Working with Absurd Hero I produced the music video “Mr. Ferrari” by Gashi, a SONY / RCA artist along with numerous independent film and TV projects. Prior to working for Absurd Hero, I was an intern at three phenomenal companies; Lifeboat Productions, The Nantucket Project, and The Directors Network.

In 2016 I founded Midnight Sky Productions, LLC, a media production company focused on producing compelling works for a range of clients. 

As a freelance filmmaker I have had the pleasure of working on projects for clients such as Sony, Food Network, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Amazon Prime in addition to independent film sets in Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta.

As a proud Eagle Scout, encouraging leadership and service to the community are key values of mine. My goal is to continue to create and facilitate production of thought provoking and meaningful content through the medium of film and television.


My curiosity gets me out of bed in the morning and drives me to never stop learning and creating.





check out some of my

recent projects below

Producer - “Gold" - James Marriott (2021)

Music Video filmed in Los Angeles


Directed by Ted Nivison

Produced by William Fowler

Producer - “AFTERLIFETIME" (2021) 

After an untimely demise, Alexis, a gifted U.N. diplomat, finds herself on the River Styx face to face with Death himself and, in order to return to the living, she must negotiate a peace treaty among the Realms of the Afterlife before their squabbles destroy the Earth.

Directed by Matt Boda

Produced by William Fowler

Written by Jeff Racho

Producer - “Rise: The Artist Within” (2021)

A short-documentary about hardship, tragedy and determination…


Rise is a film about an American abstract impressionist painter and found object sculptor. After a bike accident left him a lifelong quadriplegic, he slowly overcame his difficulties to become highly respected for utilizing the tires of his wheelchair to create his works of art. Filmed in Los Angeles.


Directed by Matt Boda

Produced by William Fowler

Producer - “Cravings” (2020)

A seasoned psychiatrist races to find a cure for a strange new flesh-eating virus but has to contend with violent “Halfdead” patients, her unhinged husband, and a ruthless police commander after she finds out her daughter has contracted the virus...             

Filmed in Los Angeles.


 Written by David Rasch,  Directed by Katie Pyne, Produced by William Fowler

Producer - “Apartment” - CHLOE BEE (2021)

Music Video for the Chloe Bee's Single "Apartment" produced by Midnight Sky and filmed in New York City.

 Produced by William Fowler,  Directed & Filmed by Cait Schmitz

Producer - “Mr. Ferrari” - Gashi (2019)

“Mr. Ferrari” was Directed by Matt Boda and Produced by Will Fowler for SONY / RCA.


Filmed in Los Angeles.

Production Manager - "ROBOTAPOCALYPSE" (2021)

When expert hacker Tara tries to stop a powerful, sentient A.I. as it takes over the world's military, the A.I. marks her as a terrorist that must be exterminated.

Feature film produced in Atlanta, Georgia.

Producer - “I Become an action hero in 30 days...” - Ted Nivison (2021)

Produced with Youtuber & Director, Ted Nivison. Filmed in Los Angeles.

Producer - “Haunts” (2020)

This Proof Of Concept film was Produced by Absurd Hero

Productions in coordination with Get It Made X. 

 Written by Monica Romero,  Directed by Mark Robinson

other recent projects

Assistant Director -
“Friday Film Five" (2020)

This spot was produced as a part of the Coca-Cola Refreshing

Films annual commercial competition.

Producer / Writer / Director 
 “My Condolences” (2020)

In 2008, Ben Stone was on the top of his game, performing at prestigious comedy clubs across the country. After a controversial stand up routine in 2015 goes viral, Ben finds work as an obituary writer for a small town newspaper. 


Check out the teaser for the 22 minute pilot of My Condolences and stay tuned for the full pilot streaming on Amazon Prime in the coming months.

Art Director - "The Library" (2018)

This spot was produced as a part of the Coca-Cola/Regal Films annual commercial

competition. “The Library” won the grand prize and was screened in Regal

Cinemas across the country for six months.


Producer / Cinematographer
 "99k" (2018)

99k follows a social media celebrity as she tries to convince everyone and herself that she's happy.


Currently available to stream on Amazon Prime

Written & Directed by Corey Totten

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 4.28.58 PM.png

Producer / Writer / Director 
"The Wrong Reason" (2018)

When rookie Agent Eric Tucker runs into a familiar face during a narcotics investigation, a powerful encounter leaves him questioning his own motivations for law enforcement.

Created by William Fowler. Available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Producer - “Your World” (2020)

Music Video for “Your World” by Mark Daly, Produced by Park Productions.

Director / Cinematographer
2018 Midnight Sky Reel

Cinematographer -
Geneva Music Festival Spot (2019)

This commercial was produced by Park Productions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

(860) 970-8951





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