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Comedy Drama Series

My Condolences is a budget conscious half hour comedic drama

which tells the story of Ben Stone, a disgraced stand up comedian.

Ben, in an effort to hide from the world of entertainment,

finds himself working as an obituary writer for

a small town newspaper.

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The Characters


A disgraced former stand up comedian; during the events of the pilot, we find Ben struggling to blend into his surrounds while working as an obituary writer in a small island town; he carries the weight of a tragic event from a few years prior, which prevents him from making real personal connections; Ben is one of the lead characters this story follows.


A young female comedian who meets Ben when she decides to rent a room from him in his small summer cottage; little does she realize, her new landlord was once a prominent comedian himself; Ami is confident, powerful, and determined to find success in stand up, with or without the help of her new roommate.


A mechanic by day, therapist by night, and drug dealer in the time in-between; Ben confides in Eddie, as Eddie is one of the only people on the island that Ben regularly deals with; Eddie doesn’t have time to chit chat with Ben every time he has a flat tire or needs a lightbulb replaced, but Eddie is well aware of the value his conversations with Ben truly have.


A kick-ass, tough as nails comedy manager, who’s bank account has been devastated ever since Ben went into hiding; she is the truth speaker, and believes that Ben would be able to return to entertainment and revive his career, if only he desired to do so.


June 2019

The pilot episode of My Condolences is well underway. Stay tuned for exciting information about our cast!

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Principle Photography Wrapped

August 7th, 2019

Physical production of My Condolences has ended, we now move into post-production. Stay tuned for more info and photos from the project!


February 2020

My Condolences is currently in the final phase of Post-Production, and is looking forward to a Spring 2020 release. Stay tuned for a teaser coming soon!

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Cast & Crew

To be announced soon..

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