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Meet The Team

we bet on passion.

Our esteemed team is dedicated to film & media production.
We combine our individual expertise to create a well-rounded and unique, high-quality film experience.
Our crew is an unbelievable source of information and we’re ready to speak with you about your next video project.

Curtis Hosang

Production Director - Editor

Curtis wants to live in a world where people don’t feel a need to trade their authenticity, for approval.  When he’s not editing video together to tell a compelling story, you can always find him in search of the perfect guacamole recipe.


Gilbert Le Floch

Creative Director

As the Creative Director, Gilbert’s role primarily revolves around social media marketing, video production, building video marketing plans, and overseeing the creative process. Before working with Midnight Sky Productions Gilbert interned at Earth Networks in their marketing department where he gained experience working in business-to-business marketing. 

Get in Touch

William Fowler

Producer / Director / Unit Production Manager

Will is a Producer at Absurd Hero Productions in Los Angeles, where he most recently was the producer of a music video for SONY/RCA Records. As a freelance filmmaker, Will has worked with clients such as Amazon Prime, The Food Network, Intel, Ernst & Young, BMW, SONY and more.



The members of “Our Team” are freelance artists contracted on a project by project basis.

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