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Talent Management

Midnight Sky Management

The Midnight Sky Management Team leverages connections from all over the entertainment industry to pair artists of all kinds with the appropriate brands & partners to be successful in the digital age.

We keep our thumb on the pulse of pop culture and understand the various new and ever evolving ways for artists to grow their audiences - for influencers, actors & musicians alike. Being that Midnight Sky is a full service production company actively producing content across mediums, there are always opportunities to collaborate with not only the Midnight Sky team but with our partners as well. 

Midnight Sky pairs our artists with a Manager who specializes in either Music, Film / TV, and Social Media Influencer Management. However, at the entire Midnight Sky Management team always has our clients back, each bringing their unique connections and specialties to the table for our artists. 

If you're interested in partnering with Midnight Sky, reach out below.

Artist Inquiry

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